Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Terrorist Motorists in UK

In yet another example of what we call the "homicidal sense of entitlement" that car owners often display, a third day of letter bombs has left victims at UK firms that operate monitoring cameras and issue fines to motorists who violate London's Congestion Pricing program.

What action will the motorists of the UK take to root out the terrorists in their ranks who are conducting these attacks ostensibly in defense of the freedom to drive wherever and whenever one chooses?

The latest blast, at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in Wales, is the fourth in five days. It left a woman with cuts to her hands and body. Three colleagues, two men and a woman, were treated for potential hearing loss.

So far, eight people have been injured. All the attacks involved companies with links to speed cameras and security services, raising fears that an angry driver is targeting traffic enforcement organisations countrywide.

This is Local London

The group Motorists Against Detection certainly has some explaining to do...

Campaigner Captain Gatso, director of group Motorists Against Detection, said today: "We are not responsible for these attacks and do not condone causing injury to anyone. However, there is a war against motorists and it seems this is an act of retaliation."

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