Friday, February 09, 2007

Virgin's $25 million Earth Challenge

Branson offers a $25 million prize for reducing global warming

Branson's judges would award the "Virgin Earth Challenge" prize money to any individual or group developing a commercially viable technology capable of removing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases at the rate of at least one billion tons a year over a 10-year period.
International Herald Tribune

Yo Richard!

We have a winner.

Carfree USA has discovered a commercially viable technology capable of removing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses at the rate of at leat one billion tons a year.

Take a gander at this incredible invention, here.

We'll be in touch soon with instructions about wiring the prize money to our bank account.

Thanks 25 million, Dick.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations you guys.

Don't spend it all in one place.

Suz said...

Don't believe them Richard!

They didn't invent the miracle climate pollution cleaner.

It's been around for a long time. See here.

Carfree USA, you guys are a bunch of cheaters.

gj said...

Yes the bicycle and its increased use would be a benefit, but its use still puts CO2 into the air from the operators expiration. No winner here.

muse9 said...

gj, guess where the energy to power the bike comes from? food you eat, which is all ultimately produced by plants- which soak up that CO2 to grow. Looks like the perfect biofuel already exists...

Anonymous said...

Looks like you didn't understand the contest. The prize is to remove CO2 *already in* the atmosphere, not prevent its further accumulation.

I guess its easier to create a smug webpage than to read the news attentively.

Anonymous said...

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who is showing me my money?

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Lawrence Curtin said...

We have developed and filed for patents on a highly efficient device that utilizes the increased hydrogen in the oceans that is caused by carbon falling into the ocean. Our Hydrogen Absorption Rod uses our unique patent applied for (US, China, India, Germany) solar cell to electrolize seawater and absorb the resulting hydrogen into a zeolite/palidium compound. This Hydrogen Absorption Rod is placed in a controled seawater pond in an area where the seawater has a increased hydrogen content. Only the hydrogen is absorbed into the compound. The rest of the other 37 componets of seawater are recirculated into the oceans.

Once the Hydrogen is removed from the rod the device is then reattached to the solar cell and placed back into service.

If you wish to view this please go to

To view our highly unique solar cell go to We have receieved over $200 million in indications for these cells from China and India. Instead of making the cells we are focusing on making the equipment to make the cells.

All of this has been done without any money from government and we are having a good time doing this at our lab in Florida.

Lawrence Curtin