Thursday, January 11, 2007

Killing and Dying for a parking space

The incident began when Navarro's friend parked his vehicle in the suspect's assigned parking spot, said Oakland police Officer Roland Holmgren. Navarro, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, and the friend had just stopped at Navarro's apartment to drop something off and were trying to leave.

SF GATE 1/11/06

(Ed. The private automobile, once again, creates a homicidal sense of entitlement. Whether it's a fight over a parking space, or the "right" to emit pollution on to your neighbors. There must be a better way.)


carrie said...

Even though I am car free myself, whenever I do drive a car I can feel my blood pressure go up and I notice a profound hatred of all humanity.

Why is this?

Does the simple act of entering a box of steel turn humans into assholes?

Anyone else ever had this experience?

Matchew Pogo said...

Absolutely. I feel pissed off whenever I drive. Perhaps it is all those ads which show people zooming through some beautiful landscape, but the reality is that you are a prisoner in traffic, and you are paying lots of money to be there.

Life in a car is infuriating.

But that certainly doesn't justify what this lunatic did for a parking space. Violence is an outgrowth of a broken transportation system where we are taught, "every man for himself."

Lilia said...

Me too