Wednesday, April 08, 2009

GM and Segway Jump the Shark

Surely, the end is near for GM.

Project PUMA (for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) probably won’t have a commercially available product until 2012. No cost estimates were available yesterday for the vehicle, which can drive 35 miles before having to recharge its batteries.

Best part... Segway and GM are looking for partners - cities or universities - to test the PUMA on designated bike lanes.

Seeing these things, one is reminded of the hoverchair for the inactive fat humans who live on the escape satellite in Wall E after they have trashed planet Earth.

One can only hope that with inventions like this, two of the most detested companies in the world will soon go down together.

FYI, a vehicle that can move two people around a city with ease has already been invented, and it costs 1/100th of whatever the eventual price of the PUMA will be.

View that invention, here.

Streetsblog SF has more details.

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Anonymous said...

A better name for this product would be The Douchemobile.