Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sierra Club on The Future of Oil

Our nation's energy problems won't be answered by drilling for more oil, now or in the future. The cure for our dangerous oil addiction is not to seek a bigger fix by drilling the few remaining places that are not already open for energy development.

Sacrificing places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and America's coastlines will not bring energy prices down or keep them down.

Instead of encouraging more drilling, which will only add to the billions in profits already being made by the oil industry, we should continue to raise the fuel economy of our cars, encourage the use of renewable energy like wind and solar power, and adopt other, existing energy-saving technologies that cut pollution, curb global warming and create good jobs. These steps will help end our addiction to oil and put us on the path to a prosperous clean energy future.

- Sierra Club Public Lands Program Director Athan Manuel testified at the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming's hearing, "The Future of Oil."

Full Testimony Here

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dirtycrumbs said...

Even the mainstream environmental movement is hellbent on keeping all the cars on the road.

The first thing offered here is: "we should continue to raise the fuel economy of our cars."


How about: we need to radically rethink our relationship with the automobile and start designing (and re-designing) our cities for people, not cars.

This should be talking point number one for every so-called "environmental" group.

Enough with the "better cars!" garbage.