Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oil Price Violence Roundup

Here in the USA things are just starting to get weird.

CYPRESS, Calif. - Violence broke out at the gas pumps in Orange County. Police say a La Palma doctor waiting in line to buy gas at the Costco warehouse store in Cypress grabbed a tire iron and confronted a motorist who cut into the line.


But overseas total chaos is breaking out over expensive vehicle fuel.

Protests of cost of fuel go global
David R. Sands
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The problem at the pump is fast becoming a crisis at the polls as governments around the world face rising popular unrest and violence because of record-high energy prices.

Portuguese fishermen, Indian civil servants and Bolivian construction workers are among the interest groups who have taken to the streets in recent weeks in mass protests over rising fuel costs.

In Tunisia, the government expressed "regret" over the death Friday of a protester shot by security forces during a demonstration in the town of Redeyef, in the heart of the country's mining region, but vowed to take tough action against further unrest.

"We won't tolerate any use of violence," Justice and Human Rights Minister Bechir Tekkari told reporters.

The political tensions are affecting rich and poor countries alike, with popular protests reported in Europe, Latin America, Africa and across much of Asia.

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