Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Walkable Towns = Healthy People

Designing walkable communities is a cost-effective way to address the growing epidemic of obesity in the United States and cut down on harmful car emissions and pollution, a researcher told the American College of Sports Medicine's 12th annual Health and Fitness Summit in Long Beach, California.

Reuters Health


Penny said...


We are a car-free family living in Annecy France. I really enjoy reading your blog and some of the links on it


Brian Goldner said...

when it comes to walking/biking/public transit and obesity, there's a strong correlation, but (as of yet) there's no substantial proof linking them causally.
think about it this way: I may not be obese b/c i walk/bike a lot. But, someone who is obese may NOT be able to walk/bike, and of course this probably only worsens their condition.
Also, there's reason to believe that people who like driving everywhere, may be more obese, and may choose to live in sprawling areas where they can just drive all over.

seriously, i wish there was a strong causal relationship to show. I'm writing my thesis on the topic right now.