Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Study: Cyclists more likely to prosper, get laid

April 1, 2008

People who ride a bicycle to work are 5 times more likely to be promoted and receive a big raise than their colleagues who commute by other means, a study released today shows. According to research published by the Institute on Serious Matters, bicycle commuters enjoy striking advantages not only in their business lives, but also tend to attract hot people of all genders and are 8 times as likely as non-cyclists to enjoy rewarding sexual relations.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition


Sally Cat said...

That explains why I am happy all the time.

Glad science has now finally confirmed my hypothesis!

Anonymous said...

Snonk! Good one.

Lilia said...

where is the photo from? you should submit it to velo vogue!

Alex Thompson said...

This is so true. Before I rode bikes I got laid once, and since I've been laid EIGHT times.