Monday, January 22, 2007

Is Car-Sharing, Car Free? Absolutely.

Here at the Carfree USA Blog we are not "car-haters." We just don't believe that a person's status is determined by what kind of metal box they get in to every day.

Cars can be a useful tool, when used appropriately.

But not everyone needs to buy and maintain a car, no matter what your television says.

Car ownership takes valuable money out of our pockets and puts them in an industry which is destroying the planet. For people living in urban environments across the USA, car sharing is proving what we always believed, car-ownership is for suckers.

Johnson and her husband, who live in a small Mission District apartment, drive to the grocery store, to pick up friends at the airport and to go hiking. They spend between $30 and $75 a month -- less than insurance used to cost when she owned a car.
"The prices are very low,'' she said. "When I tell people how little we spend, their jaws drop."
SF Gate


Anonymous said...

We use car-sharing about twice a month. The rest, even shopping can be done on bike and transit, if you pick up a litle something every time you pass a store.

Living without a car sometimes feels like a scavanger hunt. It's fun. And you avoid ever having to go to Wal-Mart or someplace like that. You have toilet paper in your backpack, and a jar of gourmet olives today. I half gallon of milk the next day.

It's enabled us to nearly go Car-sharing free. That will be great when we perfect it.

- Mike and Lisa

Brian said...

Good for you guys.

Car-sharing as a nicotine patch.

Show us how it's done.