Monday, January 22, 2007

Head of Los Angeles Transit Drives a Hummer

This reminds us of that great Onion article Report: 98 Percent Of U.S. Commuters Favor Public Transportation For Others

Transit boss' SUV is too big to ignore
Questions about the Hummer would be off-limits. That's what the mayor's press secretary told me as we headed to a City Hall meeting with transportation chief Jaime de la Vega, whose vehicle of choice seems odd for a man in his position.

No way, I told Matt Szabo. How can I not ask about it?

What de la Vega drives is a private matter, argued Szabo.

No it isn't, I told him. It's now a public matter, and I don't know how Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa can have any faith in a transit chief who drives a 2-ton monster in a city with notorious traffic and smog.

It's like having a surgeon general who smokes unfiltered Camels while snacking on Cheetos.

Los Angeles Times

Steve Lopez writes on LA traffic/transit issues here.

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What a worm this guy is.