Friday, March 03, 2006

Counting on Cars

A Disaster in the Making

The ironic fact that Lilly Teng, an attorney, works for Chevron didn’t help her find gas to escape from Houston. Fifteen hours after she, her husband and two small children set out for the home of relatives in Jackson, Mississippi, they were still in their car near Beaumont, Texas, having traveled only 90 miles. “We are trying to get out, but there is no way out, now,” she said, as she helped push the stalled vehicle. “This is an evacuation route. It is not evacuating. We are ready to go, but we can’t go.”

E Magazine

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liberal elite said...

What an allegory for the petroleum car civilization.

Instead of the car taking us where we need to go, we end up having to push it--and we still can't get anywhere safe!