Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pave the Earth: San Onofre State Beach Threatened

"A toll road agency has approved a six-lane highway through a state park despite opposition from surfers, environmentalists and state officials.

The Transportation Corridor Agencies board voted 12-3 on Thursday to approve the route through San Onofre State Beach, a popular park that President Nixon helped set aside in 1970.

Agency officials say the toll road, which would complete a 65-mile network of such roads in Orange County, is necessary to improve travel between Orange County and San Diego on an increasingly busy corridor.

Opponents, however, say the 16-mile project would ruin the last open-space camping site along a 200-mile stretch of coast ending at the Mexican border. The park is the state's fifth most popular park, with 2.7 million visitors each year."

SF Gate


samiam said...

This is the last great surfing beach in Southern California. It would be so sad if there was a freeway right next to the beach.

GettingThere said...

The concept of toll roads as the solution to all our traffic problems is so silly. The idea may have merit, but only if the lanes are taken from existing highways. Building new roads gets us nowhere. We must focus on managing the ones we have and providing alternatives.