Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Peak Oil Report Provides Stark Reality Check

Report released by Peak Oil Task Force (UK)


General policies:
- Government, local authorities and business must face up to the Peak Oil threat and put contingency plans in place
- A package of policies are required to deal with the economic, financial and social impact of potential high oil prices
- There is a need to accelerate the green industrial revolution

- Government support should be boosted for alternative technological solutions and associated infrastructure, such as electric vehicles
- Policies and fiscal measures to support and incentivise a shift from the traditional car to more fuel- and carbon-efficient modes of transport to be established
- Government investment in public transport must be maintained

Power generation and distribution policies:
- Government must provide a stable pro-investment regulatory and political climate
- The nation’s power generation and transmission distribution infrastructure must be changed to adapt to new demand patterns, price spikes and supply interruption

Retail and agriculture:
- Measures must be taken to protect the public, particularly the most disadvantaged, from the impact of rising fuel costs on food and other consumer goods prices

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