Friday, July 24, 2009

Sierra Club promoting cars

Ford Escape "Hybrid"

Should this be the work of an environmental group?


Anonymous said...

Ick! Next thing you know Sierra Club will be promoting Clorox products.

Cully_J said...

"Unfortunately, the CARS program does little to encourage consumers to buy vehicles with the best fuel economy. Believe it or not, an owner of a 14 mpg gas guzzling truck could trade that vehicle in and get $3,500 taxpayer dollars toward the purchase of a 15 mpg gas guzzler! That kind of purchase will not help reduce our dependence on oil or slash global warming."

Or they can buy a bicycle and consume NO oil and contribute NOTHING to global warming?

Jen said...

Although we ride bikes whenever possible, we live in an area where a car is a must. We have only one but it's a necessary evil. I don't have a problem with Sierra Club or any other environmental group giving me information about vehicles ( though not so sure about promoting vehicles that really aren't that efficient). I make that as a general statement as I haven't read the article or ad that you reference.