Thursday, April 09, 2009

Share the Intersection

GOOD Magazine did a take on what a more "livable" street in Manhattan would look like. Unfortunately it isn't carfree, but it's worth checking out.

My favorite recommendation is the traffic light with LPI, "leading pedestrian interval," tip #7 on GOOD's graphic. My least favorite recommendation is #8, the bollard. Sidewalks in Amsterdam are an example of how bollards can be overused and obstruct pedestrians. What do you think?

(Thanks, Erica C. Barnett from The Stranger's Slog Blog for the link.)


Mark said...

I agree that pedestrians need traffic signals to be timed more fairly. But I disagree about bollards. They provide peds with a much needed physical barrier from cars -- and in doing so, they save lives.

Robin said...

I think the separated bike lane in the center is terrifying to me as a cyclist. It would force me to make right and left turns blind across traffic. I would much rather be integrated with traffic.

Anonymous said...

besides preventing motorcars mounting the pavement and blocking pedestrians/cyclists they play a critical role in preventing large vehicle damage to corner infrastructure such as utility poles, signs, drains and curbs. I live in Atlanta where bus and truck drivers can tear up the infrastructure and endanger non-motorists with impunity. I love my yearly trips to Amsterdam, that a city that got it right.