Monday, November 17, 2008

San Jose BART now passing

With an 8 vote lead.

2/3rds needed to pass.

That seems like news. Recount?

(h/t Lilia)


Brains said...

2/3 needed to pass?? That makes me furious. You never see a billions-dollar road project on the ballot for 2/3 approval.

Anonymous said...


2/3 is needed to pass any tax - like the sales tax we pay in Alameda Co., Contra Costa, San Mateo, S. F. Marin, and Sonoma for roads, transit etc.

This BART project is a stinker. $8+billion dollars for a 16 mile line. It will kill other more viable transit.

Anonymous said...

While there are lots of problems with BART to San Jose, it "killing other more viable transit" isn't one of them. Sorry.