Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Drinking Man 2008 (the ecological alternative to Burning Man)

This Labor Day, why spend the weekend burning things to relieve stress in a pristine desert playa?

Why drive an RV across the country just so you can stay cool in the 109-degree days that are typical in a Nevada Desert this time of year?

Why wait all year to break out of corporate chains to make an “Alternative” temporary city?

Join us for a new tradition…
Drinking Man 2008, at your local pub.

- We will ride bikes, walk, and take transit to Drinking Man as to not consume massive quantities of petroleum in our pursuit of nihilistic ‘freedom.’

- We will enjoy The City during a long peaceful weekend when the 9 to 5 artists and corporate club kids are choking on the alkaline dust kicked up by self-indulgent rolling art projects, some years in the making.

- We will salute a psychologically and ecologically sustainable lifestyle and toast the good friends who make every day a creative and wonderful experience in a real city of working people.

- We will commit to donating our spare hours over the next year to volunteering locally to make life in our city more livable for everyone who lives here. We will not just share our creativity and hard work with an elite that can pay $300 to live in a money-free wonderland, just like they do at Club Med.

- We will praise a balanced lifestyles that does not engender so much stress that it needs to be ‘burned’ off in spectacular ways at great expense to the environment.

Raise your glass with us Labor Day Weekend!

Celebrate Drinking Man! (At your local pub, in the permanent city of Freedom and Creativity!)

Entrance – Free
Food and drink are available in exchange for American currency


The Village Bicycle said...

I love this, love this, love this.

Suz said...

In San Francisco, Drinking Man will take place at Zeitgeist starting at 2pm 8/31/08