Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wingnut Carhugger Makes His Case

Hopefully, the 8 percent who have taken to socialized transportation represents a trend that can be reversed.

We should drill our own oil -- now. And, when the supply naturally diminishes to where prices drive the market elsewhere, American entrepreneurs must create another fuel whose production the government cannot readily curtail, and that keeps Americans driving where they want to, when they want to, in privately owned cars.
Conservative News Service


Anonymous said...

It's a as a badge of honor that these fools feel their way of life is somehow threatened by evil light-rail trams and bicycle lanes.

This is progress!

linda said...

My favorite line is...

"Admittedly, the roads generally are constructed by government, albeit with funds extracted from the earnings and gasoline purchases of drivers."

Translation: The Interstate Highway system is socialist, but please look beyond that because that fact undermines the rest of my cockamamie argument.

What a joker!

Anonymous said...

Right on Linda. Interesting how these folks support government subsidies that support their life choices, but feel free to deny the same to others. I think we should take this guy's advice and move toward a truly free market. No more government subsidies for building roads, parking, etc. The driver will pay his or her true fair share for the freedom of the open road. No more tax breaks for auto manufacturers or oil companies. I wonder what the true cost of this "freedom" would be if the driver bore the entire true costs of driving? I have a feeling that most people, other than say Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, could not afford to drive at all. Sounds great to me!

Anonymous said...

Actually the man is right. He doesn't go far enough, though. I believe people's freedom to have multiple choices of transport is a threat to liberty as well. Where will we be if people had a choice. Surely, freedom is the greatest threat to liberty there is. :)

In all seriousness, this seems to me a perversion of the term liberty and it reminds me of all the right-wing talk show hosts who talk about freedom but actually advocate policies curtail it. All in the name of freedom. Again, perverted terminology... War is Peace, that sort of thing.