Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gas hits $112 a barrel

Guardian UK


Anonymous said...

It's actually crude oil that's hit $112 a barrel. Great blog, I appreciate your timely posts.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or is digg really slowing this site down?

Dave S said...

Another amazing thing is that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the High Speed Rail Authority, the SFCTA, all assume low gas prices in their plans for the year 2030! Official projections just haven't caught up with the reality of peak oil. The MTC assume gas prices going down in 2030 to $3.50/gal. HSR calculates the value of the amount of oil it will save at $75/barrel. It's hilarious!

This blog continues to rock, Brian! Thanks for posting such reliably good news (or good bad news) for the car free movement. I read it reliably even though I rarely post!

Brian said...

Digg removed. It was bogging down the pageload.

Thanks for the heads up.