Monday, March 24, 2008

LA's Westside Light Rail System

Get your perv on for dream maps of a future transit-friendly, LA.

The Question to ponder: One subway line = how much light rail?

My sweeheart and I did a carfree holiday in Los Angeles not long ago. It is already very doable if you ride the bus to your hotel and rent a bike to get around the beach towns. With a light rail system connected to interstate high speed rail? We might even head downtown for the symphony.


Lilia said...

I have done it several times too!

Brian Goldner said...

light rail or subway, why not both?
the primary argument is that subways have faster times and higher capacities. However, by improving the right of ways you can improve both of these on the light rail. take for instance, calgary's C train, which has underground infrastructure already built in the downtown area.
my philosophy is this: build the starter light rail system. expand right of ways by closing some streets to traffic (this will only be a problem in high traffic downtown areas) Most LRT systems already have this, such as Portland's transit mall. Once the transit mall is overworked, go underground. heck, you could still keep the above ground section open for streetcars, like market street in SF.