Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bikeways, history and future

IN 1900, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIANS CREATED a futuristic traffic structure catering to the mechanical marvel of the day--the bicycle. It opened along a corridor known as the Arroyo Seco, named for the seasonal stream that flows from the San Gabriel Mountains and enters the Los Angeles River just north of downtown Los Angeles.

It was part of a grand plan to connect Los Angeles to Pasadena through an eight-mile "great transit artery." A Pasadena mayor, Horace Dobbins, provided the start-up funds to create an elevated, multilane, wooden "cycleway," complete with streetlights and gazebo turnouts.

Sierra Club Magazine

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Brains said...

Whenever I read about old projects like these, or the railway to Key West that's now a highway, or the railway to Mt Tam that's now a road, or the streetcar that used to run in Louisville or Kansas City or Brooklyn where no streetcars currently run, I get so sad.