Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Car-free Consulting

The goal of a car-free consultant is to help her clients go about their daily lives without having to own a car. As I envision it, a car-free consultation would be a two- or three-week affair composed of three or four client meetings, during which the consultant and her client would work together to nail down the client's weekly schedule, and to find ways for the client to get through as much of the week as possible without using a car. The consultant's work would involve helping her client puzzle through mass transit and commuter train schedules, apartment listings, bicycle regulations, ZipCar marketing literature, employers' child care policies, and any other information that might be helpful in achieving that goal. Periodically, the consultant would check in with the client to make sure that the plan they had hammered out is still working. For a premium, the consultant could offer to be available during real estate searches, to serve as a kind of car-free real estate agent. If an absolutely car-free existence simply isn't possible, the consultant would help the client reduce her car usage considerably, or would help the client's family go from two cars to one.


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