Thursday, November 01, 2007

Zipcar and Flexcar to Merge Nationally

Economies of scale in the car sharing world.

This is great news. The best part is that members will be able to use the combined system in cities around the country.

SF Gate

If you have ever considered joining the snooty, elitist ranks of the car free tribe, now may be the perfect time. Think of carsharing as the nicotine patch that will help you move to a carfree lifestyle.

Trust us: canceling your car insurance and cutting up your gas cards is truly a liberating experience.

You can find all the cities with carsharing here.

The non-profit carsharing organizations are the best run. City CarShare in the San Francisco Bay Area and Philly CarShare are both top notch organizations.

After a year or two (once you have figured out your post-auto ownership lifestyle - groceries, commuting to work, trains for holiday travel, etc...) you may find you no longer even need carsharing. Canceling one's carsharing membership is nirvana.

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