Monday, October 08, 2007

Obama's Green Plan includes Transit

The first in a series on where the U.S. Presidential Candidates stand on sutainable cities issues.

"...he would reform transportation funding to build more public transit and restrain suburban sprawl."

Washington Post

And this from his platform:

Level Employer Incentives for Driving and Public Transit:
The federal tax code rewards driving to work by allowing employers to provide parking benefits of $205 per month tax free to their employees. The tax code provides employers with commuting benefits for transit, carpooling or vanpooling capped at $105 per month. This gives divers a nearly 2:1 advantage over transit users. Obama will reform the tax code to make benefits for driving and public transit or ridesharing equal.

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Brains said...

I had no idea about the bigger tax break for parking. That's shocking. I just donated to the Obama campaign and I'm not the kind of guy who donates to campaigns.