Friday, October 12, 2007

Bringing the Free Market to Parking

San Francisco parking officials are looking at a number of options, among them expanding the hours meters operate but lifting the time restrictions so people can go to dinner and a movie without worrying about getting a ticket for an expired meter. Also under consideration: raising meter rates in areas such as AT&T Park, for instance, so prices are closer to the cost of nearby parking lots.

They might also test whether to charge more the longer a driver parks in a space - perhaps setting the first hour at $2, the second at $3, the third at $4 and so on.

San Francisco Chronicle

This plan is real life application of the wisdom provided by UCLA Parking Guru Donald Shoup. His fans are affectionately known as "Shoupistas." If you want understand the issue get your hands on his masterpiece. "The High Cost of Free Parking." It's very expensive, but any good library should have it.

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