Friday, August 24, 2007

The Masdar Initiative - Carfree City

Abu Dhabi's proposed city of the future.

Pie in the sky or doable project?


(P.S. Enjoy the creepy narrator.)


James Blonde said...

They sure go an amazing PR team if nothing else.

It would be great if it could actually be built.

Brains said...

Oooh, I want a personal rapid transit vehicle and a light rail system, too!

I'm sure this project will turn out fine in Abu Dhabi. The Emirates manage to build a lot of awesome projects. But I'd like to see this kind of investment go into existing neighborhoods and cities, to make them carfree. Alas, we would still rather pave desert oases.

Anonymous said...

You can almost hear the narrator pet his snow-white cat as he speaks.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive production, but where are any images of actual life on the streets? Yes, great to see a new carfree development proposed, they should ALL be carfree developments, but I have to be skeptical that they really mean it, and that it will truly be livable. Absolute master plans have a way of undermining the organic evolution of a place. How will there be an economy? Will that be self-sustaining? It would be very helpful to have a link to this project and any more detailed discussions of it.

Anonymous said...

The narrator has to either be Paul Darrow or Peter Guinness. I vote for Paul Darrow (from Blake's 7)