Friday, July 20, 2007

More Automentia: Drivers attack workers buiding new highway

The homicidal sense of entitlement felt by most car drivers continues unabated in California.

But this time, bad behavior is being punished.

WRIGHTWOOD, Calif. (AP) - California highways have been shut down by wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes and police chases. Add one more emergency to the list: road rage.
Drivers inconvenienced by a road-widening project subjected construction workers to so much abuse—including death threats, BB gun shootings, even a flying burrito—that the state revoked a rush- hour window and shut down the highway altogether.

Now drivers who relied on California Highway 138 are being forced to take a detour that costs them at least a half-hour a day and businesses along the road are suffering.


Enjoy a moment of carfree Schadenfreude.

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Brains said...

"The homicidal sense of entitlement felt by most car drivers," <--- I LOVE THIS BLOG!!