Monday, July 23, 2007

Television Ads on BART? Hell no!

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) authorities have decided that their riders don't watch enough television.

So, they are considering plans to place televisions on trains and train platforms.

Tell BART's board of directors to let riders ride in peace, and without TV ads forced on them.

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cindy from Hayward said...

This is a horrible plan. If BART needs more money, the toll on the Bay Bridge should be raised to $10. And there should be a congestion pricing system to bring a car into downtown San Francisco.

More advertising shoved down the throats of the captaive audience on BART trains is a really bad idea. It will just cause more people into their cars for a little peace and quiet.

Anyone who supports this plan should be voted off the BART board.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit too 1984 for most people. BART is usually like a rolling library. It has spawned more book clubs than any transit system in the world.

Thanks anyway BART. This is not a "service" we want or need.

Tax the car drivers if we need more revenue. BART riders are doing the right thing. Let us ride in peace. Don't punish us by turning BART into a checkout stand.

Brains said...

Any information on whether it will be muted? I'm not up in arms if there's no sound. I've seen this done overseas and it's not too bad without sound.