Thursday, June 28, 2007

David Byrne on 30 Years as a NYC Cyclist

"But we knew some pleasures of which other New Yorkers seemed completely ignorant. Pleasures available to all. An exhilarating feeling as the air rushes past and we dodge taxis and New York pedestrians, who still insist on playing in the traffic. A feeling of flying through and around the inevitably stalled traffic. One has to stay alert — if your attention wavers, you’re done for. Who needs coffee? Or a morning at the gym? A ride across town gets the adrenalin going as one heads to work or to the studio in the morning. By the time one arrives for a meeting one is fully awake — blood pumping, on alert — having often just had 3 near-death experiences."

David Byrne's Blog

Byrne's bike tips for NYC (Greenmap)

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suz said...

Byrne is such a deliciously odd man. He makes me proud to be a cyclist.

So glad he is in our tribe.