Friday, June 01, 2007

Carfree Life in Germany

"Schools, kindergartens, a farmer's market, a shopping center, a good store which sells organic products only, and a recreation area -- you name it, it's all in walking or cycling distance," resident Sabine Burgermeister said. "And it's a much better quality of life here than it is in downtown Freiburg. And if we need to go there, there's always the option to take the tramway."
American Broadcasting Company

Perhaps Mr. Bush can stop by for a visit after the G8 meeting.


montag said...

thanks for the little bit of carefree carfree sanity in a mad world.

Brains said...

I've lived in Berlin and Dusseldorf, now live in SF, and I now know it isn't just the existence of streetcars that matter. We need ones that are run reliably! In SF they're slow and unreliable. In Germany they punctual and faster than cars. And people love them there. (Great blog!!!)