Saturday, April 28, 2007

San Francisco Critical Mass - Returns to Normal

"I'm not stuck, I'm watching," said Carollena Figueiredo, 44, of San Francisco, sitting in her Toyota Matrix at Francisco and Mason streets. "It's like a parade. I think it's great."

San Francisco Chronicle

Congratulations to everyone who took it upon themselves to protect this peaceful celebration of transportation choices!

SFist covered the night as well.

Ride along via cellphone cam.


Anonymous said...


Glad it went so well this time.

We were all watching from around the country.

- Julie in Boston

Anonymous said...

I'm a bike commuter and I've logged around 10K miles on various touring trips all over the world, mostly in Asia. I'm not responding to any one comment I just think that Critical Mass has its' intent in the right place. While sometimes getting a bit diffused by a few angry biker dudes the need for biking awareness needs to be brought to the forefront of SF city drivers.

My main beef with drivers in the US and more particular in the big cities is that I always feel as if they see right through me. If you are not a car, they simply do not see me. With all the riding I've done overseas, I've never really had any close calls and had 2 while doing the Paradise loop in Marin this weekend...and it's seems all too often to be mostly by cell phone weilding soccer moms in their big SUVs.

See you all on the 30th!