Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Streets for People: European Mobility Week 2007

The sixth edition of the European Mobility Week is organised under the theme 'Streets for people'.

This theme conveys the clear message that increasing road space for cars is not the answer to existing transport challenges.

On the contrary, reducing road capacity for cars can represent a sustainable, efficient solution and also allows healthier lifestyles for all citizens without reducing individual mobility.

This theme encourages local authorities to reallocate some road space to non-motorised traffic.

European Mobility Week will be held from September 16-22, 2007.

World Carfree Day is September 22, 2007
Events will take place in cities all over the world, on September 22.

For resources on planning a World Carfree Day 2007 event in your city, send an e-mail to info(at)worldcarfree.net to request a planning guide.

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