Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Problem with Biofuels: Deforestation

Can't we just green-up the private automobile?
Not really...

Nearly 40,000 hectares of forest vanish every day, driven by the world's growing hunger for timber, pulp and paper, and ironically, new biofuels and carbon credits designed to protect the environment.

The irony here is that the growing eagerness to slow climate change by using biofuels and planting millions of trees for carbon credits has resulted in new major causes of deforestation, say activists. And that is making climate change worse because deforestation puts far more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire world's fleet of cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships combined.

"Biofuels are rapidly becoming the main cause of deforestation in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil," said Simone Lovera, managing coordinator of the Global Forest Coalition, an environmental NGO based in AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay.

"We call it 'deforestation diesel'," Lovera told IPS.

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eastcoastdweller said...

Do you mean that wild forests are specifically cleared in order to plant tree plantations for biofuel?