Monday, January 29, 2007

Your car makes children sick

Traffic pollution can prevent the lungs of children who live near busy roads from developing properly, making them more likely to suffer respiratory and heart problems later in life, U.S. researchers said on Friday.

They found that children who had lived within 500 yards (500 meters) of a highway from the age of 10, had significantly less lung function by the time they reached 18 than youngsters exposed to less traffic pollution.

"Someone suffering a pollution-related deficit in lung function as a child will probably have less than healthy lungs all of his or her life," said James Gauderman, of the University of Southern California.


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mandy said...

This isn't very new?
Here in the Randstad Holland(Amsterdam) some highways cannot be build because of Government rules: no fine dust in a close area near the highway. Maybe the USA is later, as most of the times, Holland isn't a weedblowing country only. We care for our world, does the USA also care for the world??
(i lived for 2 years in LA), or are you a lonesome cowboy??

greetz, mandy, amsterdam, holland