Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Living near car traffic makes you sick

People's risk of having attacks of breathlessness increased by 13% for every 500-meter segments of main street located within 200 meters of their home. The risk of such attacks among people who had never smoked fell by 12% for each additional 100 meters between their homes and a main street.

Individuals whose homes were within 20 meters of a busy road were 15% more likely to regularly have phlegm in their breathing passages, while they were 34% more likely to have wheezing with breathing problems.



TOM said...

why aren't we doing that in the states??? Oh that's right someone is still making a ton of money from oil!!

Great article

Fritz said...

Well, this is exactly why we have low-density sprawl -- people want to be as far away from the heavy traffic as possible, so they move into the "country."