Monday, August 14, 2006

The Low-Car Diet Sweeps!

As mentioned in last week's post (originally from my desk but skillfully re-framed at Brian's) about Carfree Swinging, the Low-Car Diet is sweeping the country! I've seen mention of it in Portland, DC, San Diego and NYC.
Find more than 60,000 (SIXTY THOUSAND) entries in Google.
Google also reveals a number of personal blogs of people trying it....
So, pressure your political representatives and candidates for public office to go on a public low-car diet. Help them. Organize a local event and get lots of people to give it a try. As you can see through Google, here is a Carfree concept for which it is easy to get media attention.

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cfa2 said...

It's nice to see Ann Arbor's marketing efforts reaching a larger audience. This image for this post is from our Curb Your Car Month. However, "low-car diet" is used to describe a lot of different events in different places. For Ann Arbor, the phrase is just a tag line. The Commuter Challenge is a month-long competition between local businesses to see who can get the most staff to try car-free commuting.
But flexcar recently used the same phrase to describe a different month-long challenge to get people to commit to giving up their cars for a month and journaling about it.

Both are great programs. We are considering adding something like flexcar's event next year.