Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Carfree Swinging!

Carfree Network USA is thrilled to see more experiments going on with the car-free lifestyle. Once people try it, the financial rewards often keep them carfree.

Here is the latest...

"At first the scene could have been confused with a swinger's party from the 70s -- where keys were sometimes randomly exchanged. But even though more than a dozen keys were lined up on a table, this was a different lifestyle choice.

These keys went to cars, and their owners cheerfully handed them over at Pioneer Square a month ago...

David Gonzalez: "The week before I started doing it I sat down to figure out exactly how much I had been spending on my car between my car payment, my insurance, my gas and maintenance. And I was figuring about six, 650 a month is what I'm paying for a car and I'd much rather use that money in other places."

Oregon Public Broadcasting

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