Thursday, July 27, 2006

What if Transit were Free?

Interesting discussion of San Francisco's recent Spare the Air free transit days.

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adria said...

Nothing in life is free. With money, it is all about perception. We spend more money each day driving a car when you factor in insurance, gas, maintenance and the overall cost of the car (not to mention environmental costs) than when we shell out a few dollars to ride the bus or train. At the same time, for people that are already spending that much on a car, it is hard to justify spending MORE money for a transit trip.

The trick is to leverage economies of scale, greatly reduce the cost of transit, and give it to everyone "for free" (they are actually taxed for it by paying a city tax that goes directly to the local transit authorities).

This system has been effective on many college campuses, since as long ago as 1969

check out UBC U-Pass Program
and Washington U-Pass Program

for some examples of excellent programs that have successfully gotten more people to leave their cars behind