Monday, May 15, 2006

"Green" Gavin Vetoes Healthy Saturdays

Featured in the Vanity Fair "Green" issue as some sort of model green mayor, today Gavin Newsom vetoed the Healthy Saturdays proposal in Golden Gate Park.

What a charlatan.

SF Chronicle


Anonymous said...

He's a witch!

Burn him!


honestly, you wouldn't no an anti-green mayor if you lived in Passaic for a year.

Anonymous said...

Restricting access to parks is not green, dumbass

Lilia said...

What's with this word "restricting"? Isn't having our parks over-run with cars so that they aren't safe for children to play or walk or bike *restricting* them? Banning cars from parks is *liberating* them to be enjoyed by PEOPLE.

The Composter said...

Damn straight Lilia!

Good for you.