Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quarry Village: Carfree in California?

"Quarry Village is designed to provide a convenient, friendly, healthy, safe and affordable place to live, with less dependence on cars. The Village is designed around people, walking, transit, and quality of life rather than parking and streets for cars. The design supports ample mobility without car ownership or, for car owners, greatly reduced trips."

Quarry Village

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Brian Stankievich said...

Thanks for the posting! I would urge those interested in car free mobility in the San Francisco Bay Area to look at the "Mobility" section of our website http://www.quarryvillage.org/mobility/ not just the "about" part. Also if you want to live car-free in the Bay Area at an affordable price check out our "Apartments and Condos" section http://www.quarryvillage.org/rent_buy/ and sign up on our interest list if you like thos prices.

Unfortunately since no developer have done this before we need to show a lot of consumer interest and demand before they will even look at the idea.