Thursday, September 24, 2009

[Post-Gazette] Pittsburgh a rust-belt Venice?

While the G-20 is convening in Pittsburgh, the City assured pedestrians and cyclists that they are welcome downtown... Except that they blocked the way.

photo by Timothy McNulty

Jym says: This is part of my bike route downtown from the North Shore and North Boroughs....

And the local paper published the following Open Letter:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Open Letters A car-free zone
...Downtown Pittsburgh should become pedestrian-only -- free of cars. We are blessed with a Downtown that is a perfectly walkable size. So draw a line north to south from river to river through the new hockey arena, and from there to the Point is our car-free zone. We'd be a wonder! It would be glorious! Parking could be across shore and people would ferry over or walk across the pedestrian bridges.
Mount Oliver

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