Saturday, May 23, 2009


Mayor Boris Johnson is a big proponent of "cycle super highways," a plan that would increase the number of bicycle-only lanes in London. On one of the rides specifically intended to scope out possible super highway routes, the mayor and two transport ministers were nearly killed by a truck driver. The footage was caught on CCTV.

In other news about mayors, the dialog below occurred recently at a bar on Mission Street.

Me: Did you hear about Berkeley's mayor? He gave up his car.

Other: Pssht. He's only carfree three days per week and only from 9-5, while his wife is away in her car.

Me: Oh.

This is related to an earlier post about the mayor of Berkeley going carfree. I want to cite a proper source for the information, but I can't find one. The Bay Area has a rumor mill. Currently the rumor is that mayor Tom Bates received a lot of publicity for "going carfree" when all he did was sell his old car. Can anyone back this up? Have I been spun?

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