Friday, February 27, 2009

Drivers Can Pay

Money is tight and social services are being cut. Britain's Liberal Democrats party has proposed to continue all services by simply stopping funding on national highways. As expected, the auto industry responds with platitudes and fear.


J.Knecht said...

Hey, what's that cyclist doing on the road with those cars?!?

Actually, it's a legitimate question - if taxes/fees are imposed only on drivers, does that mean that cyclists are not allowed?

Brains said...

Good question.

First, a specific answer: Britain's Lib Dems have proposed to cut funding on all NATIONAL highways (long-distance) to save social programs. Not local roads. The picture I chose was just for kicks; it's not a national highway.

A broader answer: I have to wonder how much road maintenance is necessary due to wear and tear from bikes. It's probably so minuscule, you might make the case that cyclists save the state loads of money and should get a reward. After all, some states reward single-occupancy drivers for buying hybrids.