Friday, May 11, 2007

Drive Your Bike to Work Day

That’s right, Drive Your Bike to Work Day is almost here! On Monday, May 14th, hoist that bike onto the roof of your car and drive it to work!

Celebrate the joys of bike-driving with your fellow road warriors! Put some miles on that under-used eco-transport! Plus, raise awareness about the hazard that affects bike-lovers everywhere. Low clearance garages.


MC said...

Is this a joke?
What about a "cycle to work" day? Wouldn't it make more sense?

MC said...

Anyway, congrats for the blog! Just found it out on world carfree webpage, and it's already in my GoogleReader list.

Let me just suggest two links:

Apocalipse Motorizado at
(an awarded brazilian blog)


Menos Um Carro (one less car) at
(my own blog - from portugal)

Editor said...

Yes, this is a joke.

Editor said...

Thanks for the idea. We will link.

MC said...

You never know (with the culture differences) how irony works...
I guess I overestimated the car-dependence from US citizens... sorry for that.

and thanks for the link!