Thursday, September 14, 2006

Carsharing for the status conscious?

"The dirty secret of car sharing is that it's not just for the environmentally or economically conscious. Car sharing is the ultimate pedal-to-the-metal lifestyle option for upwardly mobile, status-conscious, free-spending yuppies like me...."

Slate Magazine

I say: Why not? One problem with our auto-centric culture is that it stopped being fun. What we need to get away from as a culture is the idea that driving is a necessity. Most people don't live on a diet of penny candy.... Driving should be the indulgent dessert after a well-balanced meal of walking, bicycling, and riding mass transit.


mike L said...

The problem is that this guy didn't get rid of his car. He just drives flexcars so he can seem cool.

That's a little strange.

Lilia said...

good point.