Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How Can You Save $10,000 more a year?

Sell your car and take transit. Individuals who switch from driving to taking public transit can save, on average almost $9,986 this year, and up to $828 a month. American Public Transit Association

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Sharonkay said...

I have never owned a car in my entire life. I have always used public transportation. My transportation bill runs a lot less than most people in my area. I live in an older neighborhood in Columbus, OH that has plenty of sidewalks and good bus service. I can get to almost anywhere that I need to go by bus or by walking.I did try to learn how to drive back in 2002, but hated it very much. I find that driving is very stressful compared to riding the bus and walking. Some people make fun of me because I don't own a car, but at least I have a place to live. I own my own condo and I can pay all of my bills on time. Most people that make fun of me for not owning a car are usually broke themselves. They rent an apartment, have little to no savings, have lots of debt , and are overweight.