Thursday, May 21, 2009

Car Lobby at Heart of California Budget Crisis

State programs will be cut like never before, and state assistance to local government will vanish.

The seeds of this disaster were sown years ago, both by Schwarzenegger and by the Legislature, but neither side wants to face that fact.

The Legislature put together a leaky budget boat by building unrealistic annual spending into law.

Then Schwarzenegger kicked a hole in it with his reduction of the vehicle license tax.

- Willie Brown, SF Chronicle 5/17/09


Willie Brown, who spent 15 years as speaker of California’s State Assembly, understands better than anyone alive how Sacramento really works.

Nice to see him shine a light on one of the biggest causes of the current fiscal crisis. The car lobby's power grab that ended the vehicle license taxes left a huge hole in revenues and helped create the budget crisis in Sacramento.

These fees should be reinstated, pronto.

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