Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WSJ: US Gas Guzzling Years Over?

Demand for all petroleum-based transportation fuels -- gasoline, diesel and jet fuel -- fell 7.1% last year, according to the EIA. This is the steepest one-year decline since at least 1950, as far back as the federal government has reliable data.

Many industry observers have become convinced the drop in consumption won't reverse even when economic growth resumes. In December, the EIA said gasoline consumption by U.S. drivers had peaked, in part because of growing consumer interest in fuel efficiency.

Wall Street Journal

US DOT data on declining VMT (vehicle miles travelled)


bams said...

bicycle is the best alternative today.
moreover, we are running out of fuel now..
we should think about fuel availability for ten or twenty years later.

T1 Rex said...

One can but hope that America's gas guzzling days are over. But I suspect that most of the current downturn is a reflection of the economy more than social conviction. We'll see what happens when buying, working and driving are on the upswing again.