Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabaggers in MI Demand No More "Socialism"

Lansing, MI (4/15/09)

They are sick and tired of their tax dollars being used to prop us this economy. They demand an end to Obama's "socialism."

We agree completely.

General Motors should go bankrupt immediately.

All funding for the Interstate Highway System should be cut.

And no more unemployment "welfare checks" for Michigan.


Brains said...

heh heh

Brains said...

(good one!)

Anonymous said...

Ok so then we can all go down the drain I do not agree with the bailouts but not doing so would mean the end of what we now and are socialism is not where we are at least not yet but then again capitalism has shown that it does not work as well. Should GM go BOOM yes but then how many more millions will be out of work? Not just those who work for them but those who supply them sell them and everything else tied to it.

I guess that if you all had your way we all would be living on the streets fighting for scraps and wondering why? Iam not part of the GOP hell they got us here but maybe we need to try and ride this out. Yes we need something better so what are your ideas banned in tea parties and bicth or find real answers

Anonymous said...
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Brains said...

@ Anonymous. Thanks for your comment.

During the second bailout request, Chrysler demonstrated its stability-plan by promising to lay off 7000 more workers if they got the bailout. GM promised to lay off a few thousand more, too, but I forgot how many. The bailout would have meant more lost jobs quicker than the bankruptcy process.

We should also be wary of claims by the car industry on how dependent American workers are on them. The presses have cited their employment numbers, which are extremely inflated, e.g., do you really think there would be no more car dealerships or mechanics if GM and Chrysler went under?

Lastly, GM was very aggressive mid-century in getting streetcar lines and tracks paved over by asphalt. GM blackmailed cities and states (again, with "job loss") if they adequately funded their public transit agencies. Concrete wastelands, irrational parking laws on construction, sprawl, etc., ensued and now the American city is slowly trying to fix the resultant ugliness.

Every urban resident should be very happy when GM goes under.