Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Does Detroit Deserve a Handout?

General Motors Corp Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has defended remarks he made dismissing global warming as a "total crock of shit," saying his views had no bearing on GM's commitment to build environmentally friendly vehicles.


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jimmiller5417 said...

--GM ate it own child and spit-out a most efficient battery.
By Jim Miller


General Motors ate it own child, the very successful electric cars, the EVA-1 and -2. GM also first suppressed a revolutionary battery, then sold the rights to Chevron which killed it. Let's not reward GM's capacity to defraud America on the electric car issue. Kill the proposed Bush Bail out of GM and Chrysler. We have better plans for Chrysler.

The sordid and sad tale of GM's best and only electric cars, the EVA's as they came to a tragic death. GM recovered ALL of the EVAs as their leases ran out, then crushed them, then had them chipped into thousands of pieces. GM learned some lessons from the EVA, namely that the plug-in only electric car, equipped with a state-of-the art set of batteries could run 150 miles between charges. The second lesson was that because the cars were cheaper to build and had very little maintenance over a ten year or longer period, the car would obsolete the vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, which needed constant repair and adjustment. These eclectic electric cars would hit the new and used auto dealerships also, since as large portion of their income depended on engine tune-ups, repairs and replacements.

A fairly large number of documentaries and video clips challenge GM's decision to kill the EVA cars and also documents the efforts of Toyota, Honda and others, to suppress their electric, plug-in vehicles. GM will offer the Chevy Volt as the “replacement”. The Volt is hydrogen powered (thus requiring hydrogen fuel – not commercially available at the “pump” and preserves some of the high cost repair profiles of the internal combustion engine.

These videos as summaries, does not do justice to the value of the lessons learned, but are important “points of entry”. Go to YouTube and type in “who killed the electric car” in the search box to get the list of videos.

Watching the clips should energize the viewers to take action to prevent the GM-Chrysler bail out as currently proposed. The best use of US Treasury money would be to buy a controlling interest in Chrysler and turn it over to a really green management team which would rename it as the Chrysler Electric Auto Company (CEAC). CEAC would make only electric plug-in and electric plug-in hybrids. Over time, it would repurchase the older cars and trucks and convert them to electric vehicles. The full story can be read at a mock website of Chrysler: Chrysler Electric Auto Company,

Summary of video clips and films

Who killed the electric car?(not the batteries) Who killed the advanced technology battery for the electric car? Story of GM's purchase and suppression of the new battery and it's death at the hands of Chevron.

ECD Ovonics : Make It Happen

“Who Killed the Electric Car? Haunted by the ghost of the electric car. Trailer for “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

Alternative Energy and the Americas; Center for Latin American Studies; Stanford R. Ovshinsky, UC Berkeley; April 8, 2008 Background of Stan Ovshinsky, self-taught physicists and is responsible for discovering the fundamentals of the persistent state of changes leading to the invention of the transistor and CD.

wktec crush electric car ev1 Story of GM crushing the EV-1s Listen to the lies told by a GM representative

Review of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Two gals

Killing the Electric Car - USA

Who Killed the Electric Car? You did

EV1 rises from the dead: how long will GM let it live?

Cheverol Volt

Chevy Volt, Scuderia Spider, BMW CS -Fast Lane Daily-05Sept

Chevy Volt Eflex system, fuel cell, ethanol, gasoline

Unlimited car range – the Electric car.

Dodge electric Li-ion Car

Honda EV Plus


Honda EV Plus home made vido

Dodge Zeo electric car – close up

Opel Unveils the Flextreme Electric Concept at IAA

Mitsubishi i MiEV electric car

Electric Car in-wheel motor Siemens eCorner

The Volvo electric hybird, flex-fuled genset

Electric car beats Ferrari – a real kick-ass car.

Tzero car powered by laptop 7000 laptop batteries beats 500 hp Dodge Viper

Zero emission electric motorcycle drag race

RAV4-EV Secrets: Plugs into solar, instant Volt

Never aired GM commercial on EVA

EVS23: GM barely two years after killing ev1-Tape 1

wktec crush electric car ev1 Story of GM crushing the EV-1s Listen to the lies told by a GM representative


Who Killed the Electric Car
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8: OPEC dropped the price of oil to keep the oil junkies hooked up. OPEC succeeded in suppressing the electric car.
Part 9:
Part 10:

Where are we in the Green Revolution with Charlie Rose:

Stimulus? Charlie rose interviews Paul Krugman.


Suppose the proposed merger between GM and Chrysler goes forward. Thousands of jobs and many plants will close. Towns and cities which supported the Chryler labor force will encounter deep misery. GM will apply to the Feds for say, 120 billion so they can pay extended benefits to “buy-out” union contract employees. GMAC will seek additional billions for this corporate welfare. Is this what we want? Not only NO but HELL NO.

There is a perfectly sensible alternative which will not cost the Feds any net loss and probably a profit. Here it is:
Congress authorizes the U. S. Treasury to purchase the controlling interest in Chrysler. Usually a five to ten percent interest is sufficient to control a NYSE listed company.
Congress authorizes the U. S. Treasury to change the name to Chrysler Electric Auto company and loan CEAC up to 100 billion to retool as a manufacturer of both pure plug-in and plug-in hybrid vehicles from small, single passenger micro-cars to tractors for 18 wheelers.
This retooling includes the manufacture of kits which can be sold to folks who will use the kits to convert their Chrysler vehicle to a either a plug-in or a hybrid plug-in.
The loan would also be used to purchase a license for the Volvo all-wheel drive, electric wheel technology.
The loan would also include money with which to purchase licenses or develop patents for lithium-ion batteries.
Congress would specifically empower the Department of Justice to bring an eminent domain action against the owners (Chevron) of the battery patent holder of the battery developed by Stanford R. Osviskinsy.
The loans would also be extended to Chrysler dealerships to add to their service departments, bays and equipment to service the EV's.
The loan would also empower Chrysler to use some of the proceeds to buy-back older vehicles, convert them with the kits to EV vehicles and then resell them.
An independent loan program would be enabled so that buyers could obtain low cost loans directly from an agency of the federal government for a loan with which to buy a new or reconditioned EV or a conversion kit.
These loans would all bear interest and be secured by liens on suitable assets of the borrowers. This way the U.S. Taxpayer suffers no loss, the Chrysler plants keep running, the town survive and the workers keep their jobs. Chrysler would also run a retraining school for their workers.
Congress would prohibit GM, its officers and suppliers from owning any of the Chrysler shares.

The Department of Energy should be in charge of the progam in consultation with EPA, Labor, Commerce and Transportation. Public hearings should be mandated on proposed regulations to implement the DOE regulations for the plan and all major contracts.

Jim Miller
October 29, 2008